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Treasure Coast Fencing Club had its beginnings in 2008.  Founder and Coach, Ken Moran, started the club after having taught fencing in Port St. Lucie previously for a number of years. Coach Ken had a way about him; he was able to convey the love he felt for the sport to hundreds of people, young and old.  Though his weapon in college was sabre, he focused on teaching  foil, however fencers in the club do fence different weapons.

After a number of years holding classes in numerous locations around the county, the nomadic life was over when Coach found the current location.  Treasure Coast Fencing Academy moved to its new location in 2012.  With the hands-on help of fencers and parents the club got set up and was on its way, a start to fulfilling the dreams of Coach Ken to have a permanent home.

During the past years the club hosted tournaments, summer camp, workshops, private lessons—a host of activities for interested fencers.   Many fencers also participated in regional tournaments, Junior Olympics, National USFA competitions and have gone on to fence in college at UF, UCF, FIU and UM, to name a few.   The club now has a number of ranked foil and epee fencers.

KJ "Coach Ken" Moran

KJ “Coach Ken” Moran

Coach Ken

Sadly, Coach Ken died suddenly in January 2015 and everyone was reeling from the shock of it all.  Coach’s wife Robin, and daughter (fencer!) Megan wanted the club to continue—after all, it had been his dream.   In April, the club opened its doors again and by fits and starts, managed to get back on schedule.  Though there is no “formal” coach, there are many experienced fencers who help each other get better.  And we do—we’ve been competing this season and doing well.

Jeff Barbeau, Zoe’s father, who also decided to pick up a weapon after attending club with his daughter, now leads Monday night’s class with exhausting footwork and conditioning and creative weapon drills.  Beginners and intermediate fencers alike benefit from the Monday work.

It would not have been possible to get the club back on its feet had it not been for Jeff’s dedication. Jeff and I run the Monday night classes and I am there on Friday nights for our club nights or any extra practice time.  In the interim, other parents and fencers continue to help out and that is a great thing.

Also, George Kraus, Macy’s father, continues to come and direct while Lisa Bell, Raijean Johannsen are also available to help.   The adults who help have also taken the steps to receive the USFA-required Safe Sport certification they need to assist when youngsters are in club.

Our club marches on, and we keep Coach Ken in our hearts and minds as we work hard to keep our fencing skills sharp.  We think he’d be proud to see us carry on as Treasure Coast Fencing Club.

If you are interested in the sport, please contact me at treasurecoastfencing@gmail.com.

Georgina Love


Crowne Plaza: 8663 US 1, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

From US 1 going south: Just south of Prima Vista Blvd., cross Savana Club and make a right into Crowne Plaza. The Club is in the last row of buildings. There is a USFA sticker in the window.

From US 1 going north: At the Savana Club light, make a U-turn onto US1-southbound, make a right into Crowne Plaza.

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